Building Expansion

New Hope is expanding!

The family of New Hope Evangelical Free Church, Cedaredge, CO is being called to expand facilities in order to better serve the body, the local community, and the Lord.

Our body formally began this journey in the Spring of 2018. The Campaign Team has raised $1.18 million in pledges from a congregation of roughly 150 worshippers that operates on a budget of $230,000. The Building Team has been working with an architect and contractors, bringing the vision closer to reality. Initial bid was $1.9 million. (Dream Big!) We focused hard on priorities, identifying professional builder needs vs. do it ourselves options. The predicted cost is now closer to $1.18 million.

The expansion includes a Fellowship Hall/Gymnasium, classrooms, offices, kitchen, and bathrooms. It will be a great boost to church activities and our very active youth group. But more than that – it will create a clear opportunity for the New Hope family to support local families. The three gyms at our local schools are filled during the winter months from 6 am till 9 pm, with normal school day activities and youth basketball before and after school. Volleyball is the same in the fall, and a vibrant senior citizen pickle ball league is also seeking courts in the winter. Creating overflow space for these already established leagues at New Hope will be a great service to the families. We are excited about how God is going to use our body and this new facility to minister to local families - He is in the lead and we are seeking to faithfully follow.

A main point in Tim Carney’s excellent 2019 social sciences book, “Alienated America,” is that churches have lost their relevance in small communities that are collapsing. Our community is not collapsing! But the families are facing tough, tough challenges and many adults just don’t know where to turn. The role that churches historically played in strengthening communities by supporting the key element, the families, has diminished. New Hope has a vision to play a significant role in supporting families, by God’s grace, in Cedaredge and the surrounding area.

Latest News:

November, 2020.

An engineering survey has been completed to determine what type of slab the building will sit on.

The current septic system needs to be dismantled and replaced, as it sits underneath a corner of the new project. Work to begin soon.

Final details of the contract with Ridgeway Valley are being worked out.


Why Ridgeway Valley Construction (RVC)?

Ridgeway Valley Construction was asked to participate along with others in building design and construction. Our Building Committee reviewed another bid, which did not compare directly with RVC. It was determined that RVC offers the best product for the price. From the beginning, RVC has helped to cut costs through design, construction materials, and other cost saving measures.

What is the cost?

The total amount of the contract is $1,180,357.86

What will we have when it is done?

After RVC has finished, we will have a gym/multi-purpose room, inside storage, new bathrooms, a connecting hallway to our existing facility and a shell for offices, classrooms, and a kitchen.

When will RVC start?

Six to 8 weeks after the contract is signed.

Upon beginning, how long till it is done?

There are many variables! The work should take from 6-7 months to complete.