New Hope has environments where kids (infants through 5th grade) can learn about God while parents attend the worship service. We have an amazing group of volunteers that love investing in your kids and helping you nurture their faith.


Birth - 2 years old

Children's Church

3 years old - 5th grade

Core Values

Encouraging Family as the Primary Spiritual Leaders

Our children's ministry environments are a great way for kids to learn more about God and his Word as well as to grow in their faith, but true spiritual growth doesn't happen after just 1 hour a week. God designed the family as one of the main contexts in which faith is passed on. Parents and guardians are the main spiritual leaders in the lives of their kids, so we aim to encourage, equip and support parents as they raise their kids.

Scripture is Our Authority

The Bible is God’s truth for daily living. God’s Word is full of instruction and inspiration that guides children to know God and interpret their lives through the lens of His character and perfect will.

God is Central

Through Scripture we see God's redemptive work in history. God was and is active and at work in the world. In this way, we emphasize that God is the main character and hero through each passage and story of Scripture, rather than any person. God is central to the Gospel, to our lives, and to his Word.